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About Us

Grow Kit was created in August 2015.

The average cost of retail cannabis is $8 per gram. 

The average smoker will spend $100 – $200 per month on Cannabis. 

This same person can grow their own for less than $3 per gram, or $40 per month. 

This company was created, because we saw that people wanted an easy to use Grow Kit.

We want to give every Canadian the option to grow their own Cannabis, indoors at home. 

We want to make everything very simple, fun, easy, cheap & convenient for our customers.


All orders are shipped in 24 hours. 60 Day Return Policy. 

All items include warranty. We have warranty center in Toronto, Canada.

Send us an email, we will respond instantly. 

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Everything we do is for the customer. 


We are a professional company. We sell on Amazon + eBay. 

We are small Canadian family operated company. 


We are currently expanding internationally into USA – Europe.