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About Us

Grow Kit was created in January 2017, by a College student from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  

After struggling to cannabis outside during the summer, I wanted to learn how to grow it indoors.

I learned that growing cannabis indoors is easier, but you need to create the perfect environment.

After doing some research, I learned about a new technology called LED Grow Lights & their multiple advantages compared to other grow lights. 

I learned that LED grow lights offer extreme growth for cannabis because they have a better light spectrum, have a longer lifespan, they produce zero heat & they use very little electricity. 

I noticed that there were multiple companies selling LED grow lights. So I decided to buy samples from each company to test the quality & performance.

After buying my samples & doing some testing, I finally found the perfect grow light company to work with.


A couple weeks later, I found a company that is selling a metal grow box for $1200 that looked like a school locker & weighted 80+ pounds.

I wanted to find a better & cheaper alternative of the metal grow box.

After doing some research, I found multiple Reflective Tent companies in Australia, UK & USA that offered better, light-weight & easy to build reflective grow tents.

I bought samples from each company to compare quality.  After buying samples from each company, I choose the best reflective tent company to work with.


In June 2017, I joined both companies (Light & Tent) as an Official Canadian Distributor to sell locally in Canada.  

I wanted to offer both products in a package option, where Canadians could buy both items from me & both items would be shipped from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

I wanted to sell & ship the products within Canada & offer Canadian customer service.

I wanted every Canadian to have the option to grow their own organic cannabis indoors all year.

I soon created this website & began selling my tents & lights online.