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The most simple and effective growing techniques. 

Grow Tents

A Grow Tent allows you to control the lights, the temperture, and the air flow in the grow tent.

Intro to Growing

The intro to growing videos include simple step by step instructions. Someone with ZERO knowledge on growing will be able to follow along.

Grow Lights

Grow Lights allow you to grow cannabis indoors, while replicating the suns spectrum, and light cycle.

Growing Techniques

Over time cannabis growers have developed & tested growing techniques to maximize plant growth. We will be showing you to do this too.

Time Required?

You only need 30-60 minutes per day.

How Much Electricity?

4 Plants use roughly $30 per month.

Does it Smell?

With an Air Filter there is ZERO smell.

Start up costs?

A Grow Kit Setup is roughly $300