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Frequently Asked Questions

1)    Can I pick up my order in person ?

            Yes – You can pick up your order in person.

            We are located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

            Send me an email & we can arrange a day for you to come pick it up. 


2)    Why is shipping price different for each province ?

           The shipping price is different for each province because Canada Post does not offer flat rate shipping. 

           For every 50-km a package travels, Canada Post adds additional charges onto the shipping price. 

           Grow Tents weight 25+ pounds and because of this shipping gets expensive depending on the customers address.


3)    Why do I need a reflective grow tent ?

             A grow tent will help you control the temperature, the air circulation & the light cycle within the tent.

             This will allow you to create the perfect conditions for any type of plants. 

             The grow tent helps contain the odor & is better alternative to building a permanent grow room.


4)    What does Discrete Shipping mean ?

             Discrete shipping means your order will be shipped in brown boxes, with no logo, or company name.

             No one will know what is inside the package. Your privacy is important to us & we will protect it.


5)    Do you accept Crypto-Currency like Bitcoin ?  

             Yes. We will accept the following Crypto-Currencies

             Bitcoin – Bitcoin Cash – Litecoin – Ethereum – Ripple 

             Stellar – IOTA – Dash – Monero – Zcash – Zcoin – Reddcoin 

             Nano – Verge – Qtum – Cardano – Gas – Dogecoin – Steem 



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