Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use An LED Grow Light? What are the advantages?

LED Grow Lights are more advanced than other Grow Lights on the market.
EX: HPS / HID which use a lot of electricity, and produce a lot of heat. 

LED Grow Lights have multiple advantages – 

  • Long Lifespan 
  • Energy Efficient
  • Very little Heat 
  • Extremely Bright – Large coverage area

What Does Discreet Shipping Mean?

Discreet shipping means your order will be shipped in brown boxes.
With no logo, box description, or company name.

No one will know what is inside the package.
Your privacy is important to us & we will protect it.

Why Do I Need A Grow Box Tent?

A grow tent will help you control the temperature, the air & the light.

This will allow you to create the perfect conditions for any plants.

The grow tent helps contain the odor & is better alternative to building a permanent grow room.


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