PH Levels

PH – PPM – TDS – What Do These Have To Do With Growing Cannabis?

PH Levels

To keep it simple – The pH Level will allow your plants to eat “plant food” or Nutrients, which will make the plant grow quicker.

Tap Water

Water is filled with nutrients, vitamins, and particials. However tap water can sometimes harm your plants. So it is best to use RO Water, or purified water

PPM Levels

PPM = Parts Per Million.

Low PH Levels

When the PH Level is too low, heavy metals like Iron and Aluminium can be absored and become harmful to your vegetables plants.

TDS Levels

TDS = Total Dissolved Solids.
These are minerlas like salt or metal in water, 


High PH Levels

When the PH Level is too high, things like calcium and phosphorus can’t be broken down by the plant which will stunt the plant growth.

Adjusting PH Levels

Adjusting PPM Levels

Calibrating PH Meter Pen


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