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Grow King – 400watt Full Spectrum COB LED

$365 CAD

Designed to grow cannabis indoors.
Designed to grow 10-14 Small plants in a 5ft x 5ft area
Designed to grow 8-10 Big plants in a 5ft x 5ft area



True power / wattage: 400 watts  – Equal to 800 watts HPS / HID
Voltage: 120 volts
Heavy use – LED Lifespan: 18,000 hours (2 years)
Moderate use LED Lifespan: 27,000 hours (3 years)
Working Condition: 0° – 40° Celsius
Number of LEDs: (9) COB LED Chips – with (54) LEDs inside each COB Chip
Spectrum: Full Spectrum (Vegetation & Flowering)
Coverage Area at 20’’ Vegetation: up to 5 feet x 5 feet
Coverage Area at 20’’ Flower: Up to 5 feet x 5 feet
PAR at 20’’: 700 μmols
Lumen Output: 200,000 Lumen
LED Dimensions: 18 x 10 x 3
Net Weight: 14 lbs
LED Light Angle: 120°
Amp Draw: 3.3 amps


This led includes:
(1) 4 clip metal hanger
(4) 6ft adjustable rope to raise & lower LED
(1) 6ft long power cord


The 400watt LED grow light provides extreme growth in both vegetation & flowering cycles. Using LED lights to grow indoors has become popular because the LED lights last longer, the LEDs are brighter & they don’t produce heat.


  1. BuzzStock

    Picked up this Light a few months back. I was looking around, doing my homework so I would know the light I needed. After e-mailing back and forth and asking a few hundred questions, the person I was dealing with never got tired of answering my questions, directing me to other web pages to compare prices and light quality. For the price this light is well worth every penny. The knowledge of the staff was on point and very friendly and not pushy.

  2. cody

    Amazing. I waited a couple month after using before posting a review so I could test it first, and it works really well.

  3. grower

    This light is awesome. Super bright but doesn’t produce much heat. This can easily replace a 800watt HPS light. I have been using this grow light for the past 4 months and I can honestly say this light is amazing. It is much bigger and brighter than the pictures makes you think. This led lights up the 5×5 tent and is just crazy bright and powerful.

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