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Grow King – 500w COB LED Grow Light

$500 $420 CAD

White Sunshine Light Spectrum 

Designed to Grow Cannabis Indoors.

Designed to Grow 8-10 Small plants.

Designed to grow 6-8 Big plants.

Designed for 5’ft x 5’ft Grow Tent.

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Power / Wattage: 500 watts  – Equal to 1000 watts HPS / HID
Heavy use – LED Lifespan: 18,000 hours (2 years)
Moderate use LED Lifespan: 27,000 hours (3 years)
Number of LEDs: (12) COB LED Chips – with (55) LEDs inside each COB Chip
Spectrum: White Sunshine Spectrum (Full Growth Cycle) (Vegetation + Flowering)
Coverage Area – 5’FT x 5’FT
PAR at 20’’: 860 μmols
Lumen Output: 325,000 Lumen
LED Light Angle: 120°
Voltage: 120 volts (Regular Wall Outlet in Canada + USA)
Amp Draw: 4.2 amps


This LED includes:
(1) 6ft adjustable rope to raise & lower LED
(1) 6ft long power cord


The 500watt LED grow light provides extreme growth in both vegetation & flowering cycles. Using LED lights to grow indoors has become popular because the LED lights last longer, the LEDs are brighter & they don’t produce heat.


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