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525watt Full Spectrum LED Light – Adjustable – Made in Canada

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525watt Full Spectrum LED Light.

This LED Grow Light is built & made in Canada.

This LED light is built to grow 15-20 small plants in a 15ft x 15ft area

This LED light is built to grow 10-15 big plants in a 10ft x 10ft area

This LED Light includes a 5-year unlimited warranty.


If you are interested in the LED Light – send me an email at – for more information on this specialty LED light

The Manufacturers is Yunus-Technology in Ontario, Canada

I am there main online distributor in Ontario and Canada. 


This 525watt Ceres-V5 is specifically developed as a HPS or HID replacement for green houses or Indoor Grows.

It contains a single Ceres-V5 LED Chip that consumes only 525W while generates absorbable light equivalent to 1200W HPS.

Ceres-V5 utilizes blue and red spectrum lights which help plants grow.

The ratio between blue (450nm peek wavelength) and red (660/730nm wavelength) can be adjusted by the user.

Typical life expectation of light fixtures is over 70,000 hours. (7 years)

The LED Life-Span is 7 years with heavy, everyday use. 

The LED Life-Span 8 years with moderate use. 

This light produces a very bright 300,000 Lumens when placed 50 inch above the plant. 

Entire system works around the clock with minimum or no user interaction.

Just plug in, setup your specific hour cycle and connect the lights with WiFi or cables to be controlled by computers.  

This Light compared to HID or HPS Grow Lights out preforms & is more advanced.

LED Lights are better than HPS Lights because all the light produced from LED Lights is more absorbable & doesn’t bounced off the plants. 


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