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600watt Full Spectrum LED Light – Made in Canada

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600 watt Full Spectrum LED Light.

This LED Grow Light is built & made in Canada.

This LED light is built to grow 15-20 small plants in a 15ft x 15ft area

This LED light is built to grow 10-15 big plants in a 10ft x 10ft area

This LED Light includes a 5 year unlimited warranty.



The Manufacturer is Yunus-Technology in Ontario, Canada

I am there main online distributor in Ontario and Canada. 


This 600watt Ceres-V5 is specifically developed as a HPS or HID replacement for green houses or Indoor Grows.

It contains a single Ceres-V5 LED Chip that consumes only 600W while generates absorbable light equivalent to 1200W HPS.

 Ceres-V5 utilizes blue and red spectrum lights which help plants grow.

The ratio between blue (450nm peek wavelength) and red (660/730nm wavelength) can be adjusted by the user.


Typical life expectation of light fixtures is over 70,000 hours. (7 years)

The LED Life-Span is 7 years with heavy, everyday use. 

The LED Life-Span 8 years with moderate use. 

This light produces a very bright 300,000 Lumens when placed 50 inch above the plant. 


This Light compared to HID or HPS Grow Lights out preforms & is more advanced.

LED Lights are better than HPS Lights because all the light produced from LED Lights is more absorbable & doesn’t bounced off the plants. 


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