LED Grow Glasses

$45.00 $25.00 CAD

LED Grow Light Safety Glasses.

These glasses protect your eyes from LED lights.

They change the purple light into a white light.

They color correct the light & allow you to properly see.

They Block UV light & Infrared light.



These glasses protect your eyes & reduces stress on your eyes. 

Regular sunglasses do not protect your eyes. These are better & are recommended when operating a LED Light.


Watch This Demonstration Video 


  1. Great Value

    Good value. Good price for a good product

  2. WOW

    Amazing. They ACTUALLY work. When wearing them the purple led light turns WHITE and you can see everything inside the tent clearly.

  3. waxy

    These sunglasses are magic!! The bright purple LED light turns into a soft white color. You can actually see the color of the plants & the different colors on the LED light. I have been watering my plants when the light was on for 2 years. I wish I bought these sooner. 5/5 stars

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